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The following Frequently Asked Questions to provide you with more information regarding the new Dubuque Community YMCA/YWCA facility.

Why was the current location of the Dubuque Community YMCA/YWCA selected for the new facility?
After extensive research, surveys and focus groups, it was deemed that the best location for our new facility is on land at our current location at 35 N. Booth Street in Dubuque.
Will the current facility remain open during construction?
We plan on remaining open as we phase in the new facility.
When will the new facility open?
Our goal is to break ground during spring 2019 with the intention of opening the new facility fall 2020.
What will the new facility look like?
A team of architects are working on the design of our new facility that will be a multipurpose community, health and wellness, and aquatic center for members and nonmembers alike to use.
What will happen to the current facility?
Eventually we will deconstruct the current facility.
How has the Y determined what to include in the new facility?
We have an extensive market research report that reflects us what members and the community are looking for in programming. In addition, we have conducted several surveys and focus groups that have helped to identify community needs.
Will the new Y be for members only?
No, as with our current facility the new Dubuque Community YMCA/YWCA will be for everyone. Members are very important and are needed for the Dubuque Y to exist, but the we strive to be a welcoming, inclusive organization for everyone regardless of age, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, marital status or socioeconomic status.
Will there be a rate increase when the new Y opens?
Our board of directors review membership rates annually. It is the intention of the board not to raise rates the first year of the new facility’s operation. Financial assistance will continue to be available for those in need.
Will there be public/community space?
Yes, the Dubuque Y is here for all. The new facility will have dedicated meeting space for rent and community meetings. Pricing and availability will be determined nearer to the grand opening.
Will the Y continue to offer financial assistance and scholarships?
Yes, we are here for all. Financial assistance and scholarships will continue to be available.