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Nationwide Campaign

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The Y launched For a better us.™, a nationwide multimedia marketing campaign designed to educate consumers on the Y’s work as one of the most effective and enduring charitable organizations in the country.

  • Our research shows that while people know and love the Y, they are not clear about the charitable work we do in communities all over the country, which is often carried out behind the scenes.
  • The For a better us. campaign is designed to help the public gain a better understanding of all the programs and resources the Y provides around the country—including access to safe places to play; healthy living and prevention programs; college and career readiness programs; and mentorship and volunteerism opportunities—all in service of making us better as individuals, communities and as a nation.
  • The Y hopes this campaign inspires others to help fund the important work that the organization does every day.

The campaign launches with two powerful television commercials, Places and Idle Hands, each depicting a different issue that America faces today.

  • Places deals with underserved communities that lack the opportunities and resources they need to thrive. The spot shows that while the world may only pay attention to these places when they make news headlines, the Y is on the ground every day, offering safe spaces, mentorship programs, healthy meals, education and more.

  • On a different but equally pressing note, Idle Hands portrays the phenomenon of the disappearing ”third space” and what that means for our country’s youth. It explores the way kids can fall into bad habits when left unsupervised or unchallenged. It positions the Y as a space to release latent energy in a safe and constructive way.



For more information about our Nationwide Campaign contact us at 563.556.3371