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As the Dubuque community continues to grow and to evolve, the Dubuque Y has done its best to react to the changes in community needs. Programs in health and wellness, childcare, and mentoring and social justice key in fulfilling the mission of the Dubuque Community YMCA/YWCA. But the present state of the 50-year old facility and its lack of multi-purpose space for nonmember/community usage, significantly hinders our ability to successfully execute and expand these programs.

In 2015, to address the changing needs of the greater Dubuque community, the Dubuque Y’s board, staff, volunteers, and key community members embarked on a comprehensive strategic planning process facilitated by the YMCA of the USA. This plan lays out a road map for the organization, including the development of a new facility.

In 2016, the Dubuque Y hired Convergent Nonprofit Solutions to conduct a feasibility study on a new facility. Through 10-month process, Convergent interviewed over 60 community leaders multiple times, the board considered several potential locations, all culminating in the development of a final proposal to build a new 70,000 square foot facility at our current site on North Booth Street.

Now we are in the beginning stages of a capital campaign to raise $20 million to build the new facility. 100% of the board is financially committed to the project and we have enlisted four community leaders to co-chair the campaign. Learn more about our Campaign Co-Chairs here.