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Delivering Quality Programs & Services

Since 1866, the Dubuque Y has had the privilege of serving the children, families and individuals of the tri-state area

June 20, 2023

Since 1866, the Dubuque Community Y has had the privilege of serving the children, families and individuals of the tri-state area. With over 10,000 MEMBERS and PROGRAM Participants, we also serve 250 youth and families in our Early Learning Child Care Centers, teach more than 1,000 kids to swim each year, and provide crisis services support to 250 women and children each year through the Dubuque Y Crisis Services Program. We are proud to be a vital asset to our community. 

As one of only two joint YMCA/YWCAs in the country, we are proud of the work we do in support of these two organizations. However, as an association of two separate nonprofits, we are required to fulfill responsibilities to both organizations. While not apparent to the public, managing two organizations essentially doubles our administrative workload, which requires preparing and reporting two different data sets, adhering to two sets of brand standards, and paying dues to two different organizations. 

For these reasons, the Dubuque Community Y has made the difficult decision not to renew our charter with the YWCA. This will allow us to maximize our resources, better meet the needs of the community and provide desired services and programs to all. 

What does this mean for our work in the community? Absolutely nothing. We are committed to delivering the same programs and offering the same services we provide today—tomorrow and for years to come. In the coming weeks, you may notice some signage changes in our facility and a different logo on our website, but these are the only differences you will experience. 

While we value our YWCA history and will be sad to part ways with this storied organization, we know this change will allow us to use our resources more efficiently and effectively. 

We thank you for your understanding and continued support. 


Tony Calabrese
President and CEO