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Bus Wrap Partnership

A Jule bus with a strong new message is traversing Dubuque, Iowa, streets.

The Tri-State Coalition Against Human Trafficking and Slavery sponsored the wrap featuring a photo of a lovely young girl to drive home a growing reality: “Not for Sale: Stop Human Trafficking.”

It includes the national hotline number: 888-373-7888.

The wrapped bus will spread this message for the next year. It is a follow-up to human trafficking awareness training sessions given to approximately 70 local Jule bus drivers. Funds for the wrap come from the coalition’s budget and generous donors to the project, including the Dubuque YMCA/YWCA and the Human Rights Commission of Dubuque.

The coalition’s hope is that the awareness of and response to human trafficking will prevent vulnerable young persons from becoming victims of this crime against humanity, and encourage people to contact the hotline if they see anything suspicious.

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