Did you know? Every new member receives 2 FREE personal coaching sessions with one of our certified personal trainers! 

Do you need help in getting from point A to B?  Do you need someone to help you stay accountable? We are here to help you regain control of your health and fitness journey with personalized programming.  When working with a certified personal trainer, you will receive expert planning, motivation, and assistance in the gym.

TO REGISTER: Please contact the front desk or the Y’s Membership Director, to take advantage of your two FREE personal training sessions! 

Top reasons to hire a trainer today:

  1. Trainers provide accountability and motivation to keep you on track
  2. Trainers will provide expert advice. They know what exercises can be put together based on your individual goals and will design a program with works for you.
  3. Trainers will know how to push you without overdoing it.
  4. Trainers will help you create and implement nutrition and fitness goals
  5. Trainers know how to personalize your workout based on your goals
  6. Trainers can help reduce the possibility of injuries; they have the expertise on proper form and what may work for one individual to another based on ability and/or limitations
  7. Trainers know how to improvise any exercise if you have a previous injury or health condition

2 FREE Personal Coaching Sessions:

Want the opportunity to begin your personal fitness goals, whether it’s for weight loss, getting up and down from the floor with ease, being able to move with your own kids or grandkids, better overall movement abilities, etc.?  This is not just an orientation; you will be working one-on-one with a certified personal trainer to begin your health and fitness journey with a sit down consultation and walk away with a personalized program!